High Mountain Hemp Co. is a Maine-based hemp company, teaming with other credible industry experts and farmers, dedicated to providing the highest standard of craft hemp products on the market. Founded on the belief, and backed by science, the Cannabis Sativa L. plant (hemp variety) has proven to be integral to our health and wellness. In such, we are devoted to carefully sourcing and cultivating the highest quality varieties of CBD-rich hemp genetics and curating minimally processed, naturally occurring plant constituent rich hemp derived wellness products. We believe in careful quality control, and the integrity of every part of the process that goes into creating our products; from seed sourcing, to the purest extraction methods, mindful growing techniques, and the ingredients we use to develop the products that you use!

Every plant in our crop is individually cared for using the most responsible, sustainable & organic  agriculture practices. Our plants are sun grown, in nutrient rich soil, nourished with fresh & clean Maine spring water. That’s it.

We believe that using artificial ingredients compromises the integrity, quality and therapeutic benefit of any product. We hand craft our finished products with these same values (and lots of love).

To ensure freshness we produce small batches to supply our demand.

High Mountain Hemp Co. is devoted to using clean CO2 hemp extracts from plants that we grow on our very own small farm; no additives or alterations to the naturally occurring balanced constituents of the fullest spectrum crude extract we can create and using the fewest possible ingredients to aid in your body’s ability to metabolize the plant extract, or use topically, in order to provide the optimal benefits of the plant’s medicine as nature intended.  Using third-party testing, we label every product with an individual batch# thus enabling us to offer COAs and in-depth cannabinoid and terpene analysis for your specific product upon request, and guaranteeing a clean, and healthful product for you!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. We do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease with this information or our products.